Max Field Hockey Joins the Longstreth Sporting Goods Team
A message from Stephanie Maychack, founder of Max Field Hockey 


“I am delighted for MAX Field Hockey to join the Longstreth team and personally can’t think of a better fit for the company or for me,” said Maychack. “The synergy between our organizations and the positive impact joining forces will make on the field hockey community is exciting. I would like to thank Longstreth for seeing the value in what I have worked so hard to build over the last decade and I look forward to this next chapter for MAX Field Hockey and for Longstreth.”

MAX Field Hockey was created in 2014 as a central hub for field hockey information in the U.S., including field hockey college commitments. Over time, MAX Field Hockey evolved into a leader in field hockey content, beginning with the development of High School Team Rankings, Player and Coach Awards, and moving into Top 150 Player Rankings.