MAX Field Hockey is excited to announce that we are replacing our old Player Profile Database system with a new and improved one!  While our old system did what we needed it to, the new system we have installed is 100% integrated into our site (not an outside program embedded).  It is much smoother to use and view, more user friendly, intuitive, mobile friendly, and advanced in what can be displayed.  

MAX Field Hockey utilizes the Player Database for multiple programs, including High School postseason awards, player rankings and college commitments.  To ensure players are considered for our many programs, we highly encourage them to create a player profile and keep it up-to-date.  We reference them often when working on selections.  There is no cost to create a player profile in our system.  We offer these as a way to be as inclusive as possible in our awards, rankings and features and as a way to keep player data and information organized.

Another feature of the new system that we are very excited about is that MAX Field Hockey and players will now have the ability to link to and reference their player profile.  For example- when we release our next round of Player Rankings, we can link those to the player’s profile if they are in the system.  A users profile will simply be located at:  This adds another level of depth to our coverage as we will be able to connect any content related to a player to her player profile.    


How to Create a New Player Profile

Creating a Player Profile in the new system is easy.  Simply click on the “Create a Player Profile” button below and complete the information on the registration form.  The top information is required (players name, grad year, and simple background info).  The accomplishments section can be filled in later.  Once you create an account- you may choose to make your profile private while you work on adding your information.  When you are in your profile, click on the settings/wheel icon on the top right and select “My Account.”  There you can make your profile public or private and opt to have it show up in the searchable database or not.  Note: for MAX Field Hockey to view your profile it will need to be public and visible in the database.  Clicking on that same settings icon is also where you can edit your profile and log out (which may be needed if you are a parent creating more than one account).  You can also delete your account there at anytime.

We will leave the old Player Profile Database up for 4 weeks in case anyone wants to access their old information and transfer it over.  On Friday, March 22nd, we will be removing that system from the site and deleting the old data.  Access the Old Player Profiles


Uploading Images for your Player Profile

There are two places you may upload images to your new Player Profile.  We highly recommend you upload at least a head shot, but neither are required to have a profile. 

1- The profile picture will show up in the round area on the left side of your profile.  Please make this a HEAD SHOT (shoulders up)- the image size is 190×190 pixels.  Here is the default image:

2- The cover photo is the wider horizontal photo that shows across the top of your player profile.  Please make this an ACTION SHOT- the image size is 1000×400 pixels.  Here is the default image:×400.jpg

Please only use pictures you have permission to use and do not use any pictures with print over them.