Welcome to the second generation of! We designed the initial website about three years ago and while technology has certainly changed during that time, so to has the focus of our content. MAX Field Hockey is now more fine-tuned to be the Youth, High School and College Field Hockey Central. Rather than being more the cover everything field hockey site, we want to dive into these specific areas of the game, get to know the athletes, coaches, and teams, and really become the expert on anything and everything related to youth, high school, and collegiate field hockey.

The new website has been designed by a professional web design team similar to the agencies you’d find by looking at a website such as as just one example of the many that operate online. We’ve done this to better enhance this youth, high school, and college content and it is mobile responsive to improve your experience on the site no matter what device you are on (a much-needed improvement from the previous site!). Surprisingly, about 65-70% of our 20,000-40,000 monthly visitors are viewing the site on a mobile device. This made it crucial for us to move forward with the redesign and to make the site more mobile friendly so all visitors are able to find what they are looking for with ease and have an enjoyable viewing experience. This has also been possible due to moving our website hosting means over to using servers provided by the likes of Hosti Server, doing so has allowed us to better our online backup capabilities ensuring our website can stay live throughout unforeseen downtimes.

New daily content remains our focus moving through 2016. The new homepage has been designed to best organize this content in our three focus areas of the game (youth, high school, college) with content organized in some additional areas of interest as well, including recent college commitments, education, and college recruiting.

There are some great features to our new website that we are really excited about and hope you are too! You can rate stories, view related stories, interact easier with different social media channels. We will share more on these different features in the weeks ahead. For now, click around and see for yourself!

What’s left in the transition?

Content is still be transferred over to the new site from the old site. This was not just a redesign, we switched our entire content management system, which will be time consuming in the short-term, but beneficial in the long-term. We decided to go live with the new site before everything was switched over, so that we could begin adding our new content to the new site (and not the old site where we would just have to switch it over later on). We transferred over the top level of content (from the current year) already and will be steadily adding the older content between now and mid-August. We look forward to having all of this done by the time the High School and College seasons begin. We apologize if this causes any interruption to your access of our older content in the meantime.

New High School and College schedule/score centrals are currently being built and will be added to the site by the beginning of the High School and College seasons as well. You will notice “Coming Soon” on those pages.

Our MAX Field Hockey U College Tool will be hosted at (which you will directly and easily link to from the new That website will be redesigned over the coming weeks to focus solely on our college tool. You may notice it is our old site for now, but that will be slowly changing as we transfer over the remainder of our content and redesign that site for the college tool.


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