With summer fast approaching, many student athletes will have a little bit of breathing room in their hectic schedules. As much as they may want to spend all their free time relaxing, investing a little of that summer free time preparing for college applications can pay big dividends and reduce stress later, particularly when it comes to college entrance tests like the SAT and ACT.

Max Field Hockey is partnered with i2i Education, a test prep service that has over a decade of experience catering to student athletes. Most importantly, i2i knows how to adapt to athletes’ busy schedules. i2i offers a unique remote tutoring program that enables students to communicate and work on practice test material with a live teacher via an iPad or other tablet device. Scheduling is completely flexible, and teachers are available 7 days a week.

i2i guarantees their results, and students who sign up between now and the end of May will get $100 off of an SAT/ACT test prep package. Call or text i2i Education now at 443-417-7359 or check out our partner page here.