Interviews with 21 College Admissions Experts Begins July 7 hosted by Ivy League Potential

July 6, 2016
From Ivy League Potential

SAN FRANCISCO, July 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Parents, students and educators concerned about college admissions are invited to attend the online summit “Your Child’s Best Future” to hear valuable advice from thought leaders and experts in the field. This free summit is open to all and can be accessed by signing up at

The telesummit begins July 7 and concludes July 28, with a new interview every day of the event. Discussions focus on preparing students to gain admission to top schools, but will also cover related topics like financial aid, essay writing tips and personal development. Prospective college students take note, the telesummit will not include how to find the best fake ID websites. You’re on your own for that one! Now more than ever, essays are becoming increasingly popular amongst the college admission stage and throughout academia, and as a result, more people are looking into “what is proofreading” to find out how this can help them with their writing skills throughout their college life. Learning about this type of stuff now can put them in good stead for their future. The guest speaker list includes representatives from tutoring companies, time management consultants, essay writing advisors and financial aid experts. With the rise of sites like, this might be an important event to attend to get some perspective. As a lot of educational resources and classes are now online, it’s more important than ever that students have access to a good internet connection to make sure they make the most out of their college days. Perhaps some homeowners might want to learn more here about the importance of good broadband. A school recently faced many challenges due to their broadband issues, so it’s important that college students don’t experience similar issues when they try and apply for colleges online.

Mike Williams, president of the David Allen Company, is one of the guests on the summit. His company teaches an advanced time-management strategy detailed in the book “Getting Things Done”. Visitors will also hear from Lisa Strasman, president of NCSA Athletic Recruiting, as well as Joanna Graham, director of academics at Veritas Prep. Graham read over 9000 applications while on the admissions committee at Georgetown University.

The summit is designed to share effective strategies, tips and advice that high school students can use when applying to college. It also addresses standardized testing and financial planning so that students incur less debt while studying in college.

Education is one of the biggest issues facing the nation in the years ahead, so it is essential for both parents and students to have access to accurate information and resources. Listeners can benefit from practical advice on all aspects of college admissions or focus on the topics most relevant to their concerns.

About Your Child’s Best Future Telesummit

The telesummit is hosted by Sonia Lal, M.Ed., a former Harvard interviewer and founder of Ivy League Potential LLC. She organized the telesummit “Your Child’s Best Future: How to get your child into a top college and set for a happy successful life!” to help parents and students successfully navigate the college admissions process. Lal loves helping high school students learn more about themselves and encourages them to pursue their passion.

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