UPDATE: We had hoped to release the updated Class of 2021 Player Rankings by the end of this week, however, we have decided to expand our 2021 rankings from the Top 150 players to the Top 200 players and will need an additional couple of days to do so.  With this being the third time around ranking this class and our increased access to data and information, we have found way too many deserving players to stop at 150 and we are confident we can select an additional 50.

For now, we will continue with our Top 10, Top 50 and Next 50 categories.  We also refer to our Next 50 players as “Top 100 Players.”  We will then have an additional list of 100 players who will be on our “Watch List” and who also may be referred to as “Top 200 Players.”  We will be releasing our new rankings of the full 200 players either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week!

We will take into consideration this expansion to a Top 200 players for each class as we work on them.