2021 High School Postseason Coverage

We have begun compiling postseason tournament information at the Postseason Central: http://maxfh.longstreth.com/hspostseason-2021/

While tournaments are going on, we will include links to the brackets and coverage.  Once they are complete, we will add the brackets to that page and if available we will post pictures of the championship teams.  Please help us make this page complete and email any missing brackets, info and pictures to admin@maxfieldhockey.com.


*To be released throughout December & January*

All-Region First & Second Teams
National All-American Teams
State, Regional & National Players of the Year
State, Regional & National Coaches of the Year

The Selection Process

We often get questions about our selection process and how players can be nominated for one of these awards.  Here are the basics.  We always accept nominations for these awards.  At the bottom of this page, there is a link where anyone can submit a player or coach nomination (HS coach, club coach, parent, AD, fan, etc.).  This does not mean a player or coach HAS to be nominated to receive an award.  We do our own leg work and follow teams and players closely year after year.  We do not want a deserving player to miss out because their coach forgets to or typically doesn’t submit nominations like this.  That being said, we do prefer to receive player nominations from high school coaches, but we will consider all nominations.

We get a wide range of quality in the nominations we receive.  The more detailed and complete nominations are much easier to consider and tend to make our list, so if you believe you have a deserving player or coach, make sure to submit a complete and quality nomination form.

We will be accepting nominations for All-Region Players and State Coaches of the Year.  Any of the additional awards will come from those lists.  Something to keep in mind- these are major awards.  For the All-Region Award, players being nominated should be one of the top players in her state.  They should be recognized at the local and state level as such (All-State, All-Conference, etc.).  While those awards for this Fall may not be out yet, they should be top candidates.  Also, these are High School awards for the 2021 season.  While we may know of USA Field Hockey selections, past HS awards, etc.- these are going to be awarded based on the players performance this Fall season and that is the information we are most interested in on the nomination forms.  Please do not copy and paste in an athlete’s personal field hockey resume.

Deadline to submit nominations: Tuesday, November 23, 2021 (Updated from November 16)

*Please do not submit nominations prior to the end of the player or coach’s season.  We are looking for complete information (stats, record, team finish) when considering these.