JUST RELEASED– MAX Field Hockey’s updated Class of 2021 Player Rankings!


All 2021s who were ranked in MAX Field Hockey’s August 2018 Player Rankings and the following updated Class of 2021 Player Rankings are invited to attend our 2020 MAX Field Hockey Elite Train & Play Holland Tour, July 19-26!  See more details below.


In updating the Class of 2021 Player Rankings, MAX Field Hockey took into account new information since the last release that includes: National Futures Championship, Stars & Stripes Game, O-16 Junior National Camp, Rise Selection Camp, 2018 MAX Field Hockey High School All-Region and All-Americans, 2019 MAX Field Hockey High School Preseason Players to Watch, Junior and Senior indoor and outdoor National Team membership, Club/High School/JNT/College coach and admin feedback, college commitments, MAX Field Hockey Player Profile information, other 2018 High School postseason awards (and any early 2019 awards that have been released), JPIL/JPOL major awards, 2019 MAX Field Hockey High School National Invitational Top Performers, and more.

With this being the third time around ranking this class and our increased access to data and information, we found way too many deserving players to stop at 150.  We decided to expand our 2021 rankings from the Top 150 players to the Top 200 players.  We thank you for your patience as it took us a little longer to do so.  For now, we will continue with our Top 10, Top 50 and Next 50 categories.  We also refer to our Next 50 players as “Top 100 Players.”  Our additional list of 100 players (101-200) are on our “Watch List” and may also be referred to as “Top 200 Players.”  We may break down the 101-200 in the spring to a 101-150 and 151-200 and add pictures with a full feature!  We will take into consideration this expansion to a Top 200 players for each class as we work on them and will only do so if we are confident that we have sufficient information to do so well.

Timing of Future Player Rankings: Moving forward, MAX Field Hockey will begin releasing updated Player Rankings in the spring time.  While we like updating these rankings following all the major summer selections and events, the timing is too difficult doing them in conjunction with High School rankings and awards and hosting our new High School National Invitational.  Our player rankings have expanded to a total of 800 players each time around for 5 classes!  We have a ton of data, feedback and profiles to sort through and want to make sure we put the proper time into doing so and making our decisions.  The spring is a great “down time” for us to do so.  We will still do a final ranking of the outgoing senior class at the end of the summer, along with the ranking of our Top 10 incoming College classes.

Over the next couple of weeks we will continue releasing updated rankings for the last two classes.  The Class of 2022 will move from a Top 100 list to a full Top 10, Top 50, Next 50 and Watch List.  We will also be releasing a Top 50 players from the Class of 2023.  The exact timing is to be determined and will depend on how long it takes us to sort through all of the data and information we have.  It will take us a while to do the 2022s because we do not yet have action shots on those players and will have to collect them and build out a full feature.  We thank you for your patience as we take the time we need to be confident in the lists we release.

Questions/Feedback on Player Rankings: We always welcome and accept player feedback to consider for our Player Rankings.  Please go to the main menu bar and select “Player Rankings”—“Submit Feedback” to learn more.  We will NOT share information with anyone about what feedback or information we have received about players.  We will also not share information on why we ranked a player where we did.  Please remember that our Player Rankings are subjective, based on the information we have available to us, and that players are ranked in categories based on the overall talent level of the class as a whole.  So while a player may be a “Top 50” player in someone’s mind, we compare that player to the class as a whole to make the decision on whether they fall in the Top 50 category for our rankings.  If a player wishes to NOT be included in our player rankings, please email us at admin@maxfieldhockey.com and we will make sure they are not included.

As always, there are so many great players out there across the country and we certainly will miss some of them in our rankings!  If you think we missed a deserving player, please make sure they have created a player profile and submit feedback to let us know.

For ranked players: if you create a new player profile and would like us to add a link to it for your ranking or if you have a college commitment to add, please email us at admin@maxfieldhockey.com.  We try to keep up with these but they do not automatically update on that content.


*Update: We had a player ranked that was actually a 2022.  Over the next week or 2 we will add 1 more player to the group and bump someone up from Watch List to Next 50

JULY 19 – JULY 26, 2020

MAX Field Hockey and Zag Sports join forces again and invite the nation’s top field hockey players from the classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023 to partake on a life and game changing tour to Holland to learn from some of the greatest hockey coaches in the world!  All 2021, 2022, and 2023 players who were ranked in MAX Field Hockey’s August 2018 Player Rankings & the new updated Player Rankings released this November/December are invited to attend!